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INSTAsmile Review

Hey guys,

I have always been insecure about my mouth and teeth. Over the years of stress and drinking iced tea Ive started to hate my teeth. I visited the orthodontist recently, and he told me that I've been grinding my teeth (I guess while im sleeping) and now they're at the point where they're not only uneven and jagged, but yellow and I am so embarrassed to smile because of this! I have now stopped drinking so much tea, and brushing more, but I still feel like its difficult to prevent the grinding unless I wear a mouth guard at night.

You guys probably don't know this, but I have braces on the bottom teeth! I am faithful with flossing and brushing in the morning and before bed, expensive toothpaste and it really doesn't help the yellowing.

I came across INSTAsmile  and I was in AWE. They sell a clip on veneer that you can use to improve tooth crowding, missing teeth, crooked teeth, yellow teeth, or just minor flaws! I find this to be a great alternative to spending potential thousands at a dentist or orthodontist if you want to improve your overall aesthetic until you have the money or the will power to take the proper steps to fix your teeth! For the past few years I have literally stopped smiling, until I find something irresistibly funny. I feel like this affects your mental health not to smile!

Instasmile has given me part of my mental sanity back because I am learning to love my smile again, or the potential that Im working for my smile to be.

The product is very well made, sturdy, and does not feel like you're wearing anything! This is just what I needed to feel like all of my accidental damage isn't permanent!

Thank you so much INSTAsmile! I really believe in this product and anyone that needs a pick me up, INSTAsmile has wonderful customer service and quick turn around time! I would trust them with the purchase of this product! I am considering purchasing the bottom veneer as well!!



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