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CA by Vitamin A Swimsuit In Cancun

Hola, I was blessed enough to go on a trip to Mexico with my friend. Its been a fairly mild winter in NJ and  I was still getting over last winter being so brutal. This trip was definitely the medicine that made up for it! Sometimes vacations can cure bad feelings from the previous year or years before so if you can jet set somewhere I would suggest to do it.

Do your homework and go. It will be the best decision you make. Viewing the beautiful places in the world aside from home can rejuvenate your spirit and create a new platform of happiness. Anyway, we spent 7 days in Cancun and I was absolutely spoiled the entire time with the perfect warm weather without humidity, the perfect/peaceful ocean, the hotel cleanliness +  personnel, unlimited free food +drinks, and beautiful jewels!

 The mojitos were one of my highlights to the trip! I was planning and preparing for a while before we left as far as what I would wear there.

I bought a swimsuit for this trip that turned out to be one of the most unique pieces I've bought in a while. It was a shot in the dark since it was purchased online (im super picky about how swimsuits look and feel on me).Luckily it fit and I wanted to wear it every single day. 

The brand of this swimsuit is CA by vitaminA, and their swimwear is made in USA. I purchased this swimsuit from Southbeachswimsuits.com  but to see the mix/match options for this suit visit www.CAbyvitamina.com.  This suit along with most suits they sell in this collection are reversible, so its double the suit for one price!  

Mine has amazing shades of blue that really don't seem prone to fading. As long as you follow the care directions on the tags the colors don't run onto other clothing either! The fabric is sturdy, the cheetah accents are great and workmanship is pristine on the back of the top. To top everything off, you can wear the top as a bandeau with shorts or to layer underneath a tank-top and it is super cute!

 The southbeachswim site provides a very detailed size chart to view which made it easy to choose the right one. Overall it was a beautiful swimsuit that photographed beautifully and worked great against the tropical turquoise water. The only downside to this product is that it was high in price, but it was totally worth the money and I truly believe it will last me years, plus its reversible. Check out these photos from the trip!
Love you all!

The Black Side

| Fedora Hat- Forever 21 | Flash Tattoos | Necklace-Forever 21 | Abalone Shell Bracelet – Mexico |

The Blue Side

| Sunnies-Urban Outfitters | Rings- Mexico |

Another Way to Wear

Swimsuit- 129.00
Hat- 15.00
Flash Tattoos- 16.00

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