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Tabszy Sleepwear Review

Im so excited for the holidays this year, and I am always looking for new brands that I really love to recommend. When I was little, my grandmother would always buy me and my cousins really cute pajama sets for Christmas, and now that she passed away, I have no-one to help me pick out cute nightwear! 

I don't like to spend an arm and a leg on sleepwear, and I modeled for a brand for the first time recently that I was so happy to find! I think you guys will love them! The company is family owned and based out of New Jersey! 

They are called Tabszy Sleepwear . When I modeled their sets, I actually fell in love with the products because they reminded me of my childhood and they're so reasonably priced! Everything I tried was also well constructed and fit very nicely! These items feel so comfortable while wearing them and are perfect if you want to go to sleep stylish! They come in all different colors and patterns too. For a size reference in these photos, I was modeling the size small.  

They have a wide variety of sleepwear for women and men such as pajamas, night gowns, caftans, ponchos, robes, tops, lounge pants, scarves, and cami sets. Im sure if you need to give some gifts this Christmas Tabszy Sleepwear can accommodate your needs!! They also sell through Walmart.com, but its much easier just to go straight to their website. 

Make sure to check them out to see what they offer for the holidays! 
I hope you enjoy this hidden gem!! 

Here are some of the items:

Red Silk Pajama Set

Black and Red Caftan 

Yellow Pajama Set

Pink Caftan

White Pajama Set

Leopard Pajama Set



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