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Lauren Harlee | Under Eye Injections Vlog

Hey there!
I have seasonal allergies, so that comes with bags under my eyes. No matter what I did to hydrate the area, it just wouldn't go away. I always had puffiness under my eye and I really wanted the opportunity for change.

I had a friend refer me to Tanya at Allure Aesthetics in King of Prussia, PA. She got her under eyes done with Tanya and they looked great, so she came with me to my first appointment- which was 6 months ago!

After the first time getting one syringe, I loved how it looked and knew I wanted to go again. There is  basically no downtime at all if you don't bruise! Since I needed multiple sessions, Tanya suggested she put some filler into the cheek area because that is where this problem also stems from , loss of elasticity in the cheek.

Whenever I wouldn't wear makeup I'd always get comments that I looked so tired and also for modeling I would have to ask photographers to remove the bags from my under eyes constantly! It was a decision I made for my job, but also its great to feel like I look normal if I don't wear makeup. I love how I look and value my uniqueness, and this was a great solution to a problem at work which also benefited me at the same time!

I got this done 8/11/20 and I was feeling great immediately after the procedure. I got another full syringe. I had no bruising, and only a little swelling. I only had to ice the area for one day and the rest of the time I used arnica oil to prevent bruising. The results are great and I already feel like I look 10 years younger. The procedure itself is not very painful at all and takes a total of 10-15 minutes.

I will post before and after photos later on once I find some that are worth sharing!

 photos 1 week after the procedure (full results after 2 weeks)
with makeup

without makeup 

Another great thing about this office is They actually accept the Brilliant Distinctions program!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!
I hope you find this post helpful.




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