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Lauren Harlee | California Butt Lift Vlog

Check Out The Vlog Below!

Hey there! I had just recently got a California butt lift, a minimally invasive procedure done with Scupltra to enhance the buttock area at The Garden Medical Spa in Voorhees, NJ. I went for 2 sessions. The first session was 8 syringes, and the second session was the same (4 syringes on each side) . They were done 2 weeks apart with great results immediately! There is no down time with this procedure. It is a great alternative to a Brazilian Butt lift if you elect not to go under the knife and it actually looks super natural! Also, it made my waist appear smaller due to a slight exaggeration in proportions! 

Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Mirmanesh MD performs the procedure great, he suggested my "hip dip" area was sparse and should be injected according to my anatomy! It was really helpful that he did his analysis and suggested to do this area because I was really lost with where I wanted the injections.  He is super professional and the staff made me feel extremely comfortable - also their office is immaculate! 

Before and After 1st Session: You can see here that the right side is clearly more plump and projecting! This was only after first session. Hopefully more photos coming soon of before and after. 

I hope you found this article helpful. 



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