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A Leather Jacket Styled For Fall

Hello Ladies!
I really loved the shift in the weather today. It really encourages me to go exploring around NJ. I chose another earthy location to showcase my amazing leather jacket and the unique place in South Jersey!

This is another historic site that's about a 30 minute drive from my house. People can go canoeing here as well as tubing, hiking, swimming, and get a small history lesson about the Jersey Devil in the Wharton State Forrest. Yes, the Jersey Devil, a story and an old wives tale about a mutant devil that lives in the woods.

My friends and I used to come here at night when I was younger. It was typically creepy, but still safe. Its called the Batsto Village. While its a great place to take children, this site is nationally recognized for the historical significance and beauty. The roots of Batsto can be traced back to 1766. It was a community built by a business man, where workers produced Iron and had to utilize the land to survive back in that century. You can take tours through  a series of different buildings from that day, go canoeing on the lake, and walk into all the cool trails. Here's the actual website to view the history and hours of operation.

I really wanted to wear this amazing vegan jacket by Blank NYC, because leather jackets have been worn so much in history and I appreciate this one for its beauty, just like batsto. I wanted to showcase the elegance of this jacket as well as the design. Its just beautifully made. The way it contours the body is great because not many items fit me in all the right places.

Its high quality and can be worn with anything such as jeans or a skirt like I wore here. I've had this jacket for about a year now, I purchased it at Nordstrom and I have literally lived in it since. The jacket has held up through so many wears and I always get complimented on it. If you're looking for a vegan leather jacket or a leather jacket and you want a fitted look, definitely check this one out!

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