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A Laundromat Adventure

Hate to start this article on a negative note, but I would like to be a little transparent and say that these past few weeks have been really frustrating for me. Number 1 nuisance is my laptop screen! Somehow the colors are going crazy till the point I cannot see the screen (its taking me extra time to write), so I apologize in advance for weak grammar.  Another nuisance is this darn foot attached to my body!

Since I stepped on glass and it was embedded a couple of weeks ago, I  haven't been able to put much weight on my foot.  I have been working to try and release a style post, but after seeing the doctor a couple of times it just started feeling sore all over again and difficult to walk! One more appointment and I should be ready for working whenever. Definitely a lot more thankful for my foot now that it's given me such complaints recently.  I hope that it will be much easier to walk soon, but for now its time to use these pain killers to my advantage!

A couple of days ago, my foot felt decent enough to go for a quick style shoot. The weather change has definitely been noticeable since the start of spring. This look I am calling "spring fever," because it isn't an outfit totally made for spring but it can definitely be worn in winter. The in between phase is what I was trying to defeat during this shoot for a day that wasn't too cold or too warm.  This robin egg colored blazer definitely puts me in the mood for Easter! 

 This look is simple and edgy which can be worn with the blazer for warmth or without the blazer indoors.  I love the color of this blazer I picked up at the thrift store weeks ago and I have just been dying to put an outfit together to show it off. I love these halter crop tops that is worn here. I see them at a lot of stores, but this one I have in black & in white from Urban Outfitters. The design is just perfect for my figure and the quality is also very good. They're basic and bring an outfit to an edgy level.  I also feel that this look is a perfect way to show curves without being too revealing. These photos were taken in my local laundromat at my town. I hope you enjoy!

Black Jeans: $39.00 on sale @ Nordstrom
Truly Madly Deeply Crop Top $29.00 @ Urban Outfitters
Bandolino pumps $45.00 @ Macy's
Michael Kors Silver Watch $165.00 @ AreaTrend.com
Robin Egg Blazer $7.00 @ USA thrift
Silver Choker Necklace $12.50 @ Hollister 
Silver Layering Necklace $3.50 @ Forever 21
Black Beanie $5.00 @ USA thrift 
=Approx $306.00

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