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Streetwear OOTD & The Reading Viaduct Tunnel Adventure

I took a small vacation from blogging lately to focus on getting into the best shape of my life. Eventually, after I am happy with my physique, I will be doing more photo shoots and submitting those photos to some agencies where I will try and become a professional fitness/beauty model.  I have been working to complete an intense 12 week weight lifting program and it has been a crazy ride! After this is complete, there will be another 12 week program that I plan to start which I hope will influence more definition and weight loss. It's all so exciting, since I never worked out or dieted this strict in my life!
I mainly came back to the blog scene to document experiences that I am so grateful for lately. For the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with some really amazing people. I got to hang out/collab with Ryan Potter, an actor/photographer/promoter out of L.A. He came to the Philly area wanting to explore and I am really thankful for having the chance to vibe with him.

We went to a really delicious restaurant named Sabrina's Cafe and Spencer's Too on Callowhill St in Philadelphia where he spoke to me about life. This experience was really random and awakening. When you're following your dreams, it can be really challenging and you can feel like giving up at different points in time. I tend to be my own worst critic,and he may not have known this, but Ryan pushed me to continue on my path of following my dreams, really sparking my creativity again. His outlook on life and his strength showed me that I need to continue doing what I truly love and press on. Having the time to meet him was the best medicine for the down that I've been going through.

After meeting up, Ryan invited a bunch of cool people to collab, take photos, explore, and hang out together in a group. Everyone met at the art exhibit called Future Sensations across from the Philadelphia Art Museum that only made 4 stops around the globe: Shanghai, China; Sao Paulo,Brazil; Paris, France; and Philadelphia- the only stop in North America.  Of course I was late and did not get to check out the exhibit very long, but some of the creatives I was with got some really amazing photos.

To check some of them out plug in the hashtag #SAINTGOBAIN350, or  #RPPXPHILLY into instagram. The exhibits were life size and amazing during the day and at night it was a light show. A great perk was that it was completely free! Unfortunately, I did not get to see much of the exhibit, but I really hope this will return someday. It's a great place to do photoshoots and make some cool memories with friends. If you missed it, check out this link to learn all about it until next time it comes back.

Future Sensations Exhibition

Here's the squad taken by Ryan:

From left to right: Instagram names:
@Shannongallagher, @la_lovi (me), @jameskwak_, @m._shields, @phobymo, @el.aine, @viktorvash, @jvdore_, @brianfofian, @lachvtte

Shooter: @ryankpotter

After leaving the exhibit we explored to the Reading Viaduct Tunnel, where this picture was taken,  a tunnel that runs 1.5 miles through the city of Philadelphia - if you are not familiar with this tunnel check out this cool video I found that gives a live peak at this mysterious spot. It's a really interesting place to visit with friends. I made a ridiculous mistake for only bringing a couple of shoes to wear. After we were done walking I had to give my brand new Huaraches a nice bath, after stepping in poop and getting mud all over them. It was well worth the struggle though.

Reading Viaduct Tunnel Video

I was also lucky to shoot with some other amazing photographers included in this photo while down in the tunnel.

I wanted to share a couple of these photos they took of me that day in my favorite Air Jordan Space Jam 11's alog with my new Nike Royal blue Rally sweats, so give all of their instas above a well deserved look along with this OOTD. Thank you @viktorvash, @Jvdore_, and @jameskwak_ for these dope shots!

Photo Credit: @Viktorvash

Photo Credit: Viktorvash

Photo Credit: @JamesKwak_
Photo Credit: @Jvdore_

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Air Jordan Space Jam 11's: Ebay $180.00
Total Cost:$254.00

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