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Sunless Tanning Routine

I was born with extremely pale skin, and ever since I was in middle school Id lay outside and bake in the sun on the beach for hours just to get a nice tan! There have been so many times I have gotten sun poisoning and now I have the beginning of crows feet, along with these little freckles that I constantly try to exfoliate off my chest and shoulders!  

Now that I am older I realize how the sun can make you look much older, damage your eyes, and obviously your skin. I was really conscious of this especially after my aunt was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a certain type of skin cancer on her nose! She loved tanning and I would probably hate the sun after that kind of life threatening news and having an operation in an area that is so crucial for breathing! 

I was always on a mission to find a way to be healthy and still acquire amazingly tan skin. Also I do some modeling here and there, and I try to come up with ways to stand out and my skin was something new that I could enhance. 

After years of having so much trouble trying to figure out how I could feel comfortable in my own skin, no pun intended,  I needed to try and use a great combination of products + a little common sense that really really made the process bearable.

Recently I've been using a combination of products to create a tan that is healthy, long lasting, natural looking, and that smell good. I say this because ever since I started doing this process multiple people have given me compliments! These people are mostly my friends and people that know what my real skin color looks like, but Im sure if I go out, random people will comment if they actually have the chance! 

Just in case you are wondering, I never tried an actual spray tan because I have always been way too nervous to look too orange or waste money to hate the result of a tan that looks ridiculous. 

I was researching reviews and I was also recommended a few products,  but come to find out these two items worked the best for my photoshoot/daily needs.  Here is one of them! It's the Victoria's Secret Self Tanning Tinted Spray. They have a few others, but this one I bought back in December of 2014.  Click the photo to view the item on Amazon!

I originally bought this for a photoshoot in Mexico to prevent me from looking pasty from the winter. After a few tries I found it worked really well, leaving no streaks, not too much shimmer, no cracking after days of having it on, and no orange appearance! Even though there were a bunch of great things about it, it stunk like the metallic can and slightly changed the interior color of my clothes!  I know products cannot be perfect, so I didn't totally rule it out, but VS please fix that! Because the product is great otherwise!

I figured out that I was a little unsure about how quickly it would take to dry on the skin before putting my clothes on, so I stopped using it for months thinking it was not great to use.  On my shelf it sat for a while as the winter persisted and returning from Mexico. 

Even though summer is here, my skin is still whiter than ever!  Im always working out and I really got desperate to look more defined, tan, and hydrated.  I wanted to give the Victorias Secret Self Tan a try once more. I thought to myself, " It could possibly make me look more toned because so many body builders use bronzers and spray tans to look more defined." And if you think about it, its like contouring the entire body! 

If you have any interest in self tanning products, one thing I can say is that I would try to search reviews and pick one at random that may fit your general needs, whether it be a color, an ingredient, or a price margin. First, it is extremely important to find one that really works well for your skin color.  My skin is super pasty white. I usually get 'Light' in tinted moisturizers and foundations on the face and the color of this product appears super natural no matter how many times I apply it, which I feel is difficult to find. 

After realizing I smell like metal can from it, the best way to solve the problem was to cover it up with a lotion, since my skin is always so dry regardless. Literally smelling bad makes me feel dirty, but after I apply lotion I feel clean even with the tanner on. So this is the main secret to success with this specific product that not many may know at the time of purchase. 

*After showering, use self tanner application, wait around 15 minutes, then use your favorite lotion/lotion with bronzer to cover the area, then give it around 20 minutes to dry before getting dressed. This really works as a preventative from rubbing off on your clothes and smelling of metal can.  I took this routine a step further and use a specific lotion to make my tan last even longer, with natural ingredients to produce a toning appearance of the skin. 

I have super sensitive skin and Im usually allergic to a lot of scented products, my skin is dry, and I hate the thought of getting wrinkles!  I have been using a product created by a self started cosmetic company owner/ tanning club manager in florida. 

The second product I absolutely love and use in combination with the VS Self Tan is the Charles Henry Allure CH1: The Royal Oil organic tanning lotion. Click the photo to visit the website! 

I've been using this product for about a week and I really love how it is made from organic products,  isnt greasy, and makes my skin super toned and hydrated. If you look back in my previous posts, my skin was super pale and dull. This product brings life to my skin following self tanner and makes my tan more vibrant! 

Another great quality is that it smells so good and leaves your skin feeling fresh! My sister and friends also loved this after trying it out! Don't be afraid to try it too! Organics are seriously the way to go for the skin and it's truly worth the price! Plus it is actually made to combine with tanning products to get the best out of your experience with them!  

What does this have to do with personal style you ask? Actually I think that an enhancement to the skin can be useful to refine your personal image which adds to an individuals personal style! Sort of like an accessory that you add to an outfit!  This is a major accessory I added to my skin! Hopefully my tanning routine has helped you in some way! If it has or you have any other questions or comments please leave them below!!  You will see what the tan looks like in my next style post! Stay tuned! 

P.S. I will be doing a special giveaway in the next few weeks! 
I will be giving you the directions about how to win in future posts!! 

Thank you!! 


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  1. My skin was super pale and dull. This product brings life to my skin following self tanner and makes my tan more vibrant! Tanning