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Nike Free Viritous Review

I was searching high and low for a new training/running shoe that was comfortable, affordable, trendy, versatile, durable, and stylish and you know how that can be. I finally found a fairly new sneaker that was worth writing about! The Nike Free Viritous.
Nike is extremely aggressive with their sneaker and apparel products now days, so it is difficult to make a single product choice that fits a series of different needs as far as exercise, finance, and fashion. Nike always seems to be my go to brand against all of the competitors out there! I am always on the hunt for products that can be used for fashion and performance and this shoe is definitely one of them!

The Nike Free line were designed to give a natural feel as the foot strikes the ground.
It takes research and constant reading to find the perfect shoe for whatever activity you plan to do! I came across some interesting facts about the Nike Frees as I was contemplating the purchase.

Fun Facts:
Transition slowly into your Nike Frees
Virtuous are a Minimalist shoe
Developed with over 8 years of study
Designed to keep feet cool and feel weightless
Emulate running barefoot

The Nike Viritous have a couple of cons in my opinion, but for now I will stick with the pros! Obviously I love these because they are all white! I love white and anything that has a clean appearance. Kind of superficial, but I also dont want to have to worry about my shoes not matching with a ton of outfits unless they're super special or a collectible shoe. They match with any outfit and make my legs look super long while wearing anything such as pants, tights, shorts, or skirts.

Next, the Viritous are really easy to keep clean. The material the outer is made of does not get dirty super easily or get residual sweat stains from running or lifting.

As for the sock-like design, they fit and feel amazing around the ankle and I do not have to worry about the sneaker sliding off or the shoe laces potentially cutting off circulation in efforts to keep them on while exercising. They're also not a struggle getting them onto the foot as compared to the hauraches where foot insertion is super difficult. They literally feel like they become part of my foot as I am wearing them. Also, I have extremely sensitive skin behind my ankles and get blisters from literally every shoe. Not these, which is a huge plus!

The Viritous run a little big if you do not wear socks with them, but regardless of running large, it does not hinder performance such as running or circuit training for me and I bought my true size (which is a 7). The insoles and outer provide a lot of support and while moving around I do not feel as though Ill roll my ankle with unusual or precise movement. I was afraid since the Nike Free line is so "flexible " and " natural" I would have trouble adjusting and maintaining ankle control.  It takes a little time to get used to, but I think these have optimal support for how they are made.

There are 2 complaints I have about these sneakers. First, I noticed while doing a HIIT cardio session, the bottom of my feet were beginning to blister due to rubbing on the insole material! Maybe it was the way I was running on the treadmill , or my sensitive skin again, or just because they are new, but that was bothersome!  Another complaint is that the outsole could have been made a little firmer because it seems a little soft for my liking. I do a lot of tuck jumps while training and in these sneakers the landing is harsh on the bottom of the foot and feels as though the impact is too high on the joints.  It seems as though if you step on a rock it may hurt your foot more than the average sneaker.

These sneakers are overall a really good buy if you care about every day comfort, fashion, and daily performance. You can get them on sale right now at Finishline for about 76.00 Including shipping! The retail price is $110.00! This is a great deal and they have a lot of sizes in their inventory! If youre looking for a nice sneaker that meets a lot of general needs get yourself a pair! I like them so much I have 2!

Heres some photos I took after 3 weeks of constant wear and a video of me doing some exercises! They haven't slipped off which I feel Nike deserves some well deserved Kudos!

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  1. I do not know Nike Viritous shoes are really right and good for your feet as to what the article say?

  2. Cool training shoes from Nike! I am really amazed to hear that Nike Viritous was developed after 8 years of study. I was looking for a good training shoes pair for reducing my weight. I think this is the best pair of shoes that can give me comfortable with heel support! Thanks for sharing a good and informative review!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Nike Free Viritous review. I like the shoes and this is great to read that you provide the retailers price too! Do they provide good support for high arch?

    1. Im not a doctor by any means, my feet are more flat and have a slight arch. However, For a higher arch you may need more support such as an insert because they feel like a sock on your foot and are good for needing flexibility while doing training activity.

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