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15 Best Fashion Pieces To Buy for Fall & My Go-To Fall Store

1. A Pair of Dark Wash High Waisted Jeans: To add color variety and length to your legs.  Try These Out! They are amazing, stretchy, comfortable, and reasonably priced when A&F has a sale:

2. A Pair of Light Wash High Waisted jeans:To add color variety and length to your legs Try These Out Also!! They are amazing, stretchy, comfortable, and reasonably priced when A&F has a sale:

3. A Pair of Booties:To wear with sweaters and long sleeve shirts
Try some of these!

4. A Pair of Tall Boots:To add variety and some warmth to your legs on a cold day. I love these Boots!! Check these out!

5. A Jacket :To keep warm and to throw over an outfit
These are amazing Jackets! Take a look!

6. A Scarf:To accessorize your outfit

7. A Tote Handbag:To accessorize your outfit while keeping it appropriate with the cooler weather

8. A Pair of Leggings:In case you dont like jeans

9. A Cardigan:If you don’t like wearing Jackets/coats
Check These out!

10. Gray/Black Mock Neck Sweater Dress:When you have a nice business meeting

11. A Shirt Dress: For added variety and to mix things up

12. Flare Jeans:To keep it simple when you want to look nice

13. A Long Sleeve MockNeck Tee: in a neutral color, because it’s trendy!

14. A Sweat Suit: To lounge around on those cool days!

15. Some Classic Sneakers: So you don’t always have to wear boots!

These 15 items are an absolute must in the closet for fall! They will make preparing your outfits very easy especially when dealing with cooler weather, and give you room to switch up your options. 

There are always amazing color choices when it comes to fall clothing, but its best to have the basic colors down first. Neutrals are very "in style" or "on trend" this season which can save budget savvy people money. I happen to love neutrals with my skin tone, but many people look great in deep burgundy, purples, or greens! 

Whatever you choose to try this Fall, definitely check out your online retailers before all of their new fall items are gone! 

So Why is Fall Shopping Important to me? 
Shopping was a huge highlight of my childhood because It meant back to school shopping.

What Was My favorite Store As a Teenager?
If I was asked what my favorite store was as a teen, I would say Abercrombie. When I think of this store, it reminds me of the way things were before the recession started in the United States, fun and full of opportunity.
From Red-Luxury.com

It is under new ownership now, since Creater and CFO Michael Jeffries left.Get more info about this Here

Over the past 15 years of my existence I always admired the store of Abercrombie & Fitch because and it was trendy, the prices were expensive, and the clothing lasted.

Sometimes it seemed out of reach for my family to buy, but going there was always so unique. I have this special nostalgia that this store gives to me every time I go, because as a teen it had one of  the most memorable atmospheres a store could have.

What’s so Special About this Store and Why?
I remember at times customers were approached based on appearance in order to work there.  It was the epitome of the superficiality associated with living the American Dream, but regardless there was always something special about it, something people wanted and remembered.

From Media.fashionmag.com

Call me crazy, but Abercrombie gave some sense of hope that there were better things you could work for in life and that was achieved throughout the success and popularity of the store. 

Abercrombie gave an extremely unique view on contemporary finishes as a nice home could have, and a preppy/ modern approach to commercial apparel you could always wear. 

These were things I was unfamiliar with coming from such a middle class family, when the middle class existed.

I know most people don’t have a place in their heart for stores, or craftsmanship, but this retail approach is something I will never forget as an adult.

For those who don’t know, Models would await you in the front of the building with their shirts off, the music was always blasting with something fun and techno, the scent of the store was always strong, and you could always feel a sense of confidence from employees(or maybe it was just me).

It was almost like you got to meet a celebrity or walk into a party scene when you were able to take a picture with the models. It felt like the fashion industry when walking into Abercrombie and the hope of achieving great things.

Maybe that sounds extreme, but it’s something I will always miss now that their former CFO will be gone since this past December 2014.   

People were always striving to have the best of the best, and Abercrombie & Fitch was always what I associated with quality and part of living a fun lifestyle.

In my opinion, over the years they have successfully adapted to ways the recession has changed retail by keeping the same classic, quality, yet trendiness of the clothing in tact. They always maintained a quality standard to their items, that a middle class person could admire.

How Does This Store Accommodate your Style Needs as an Adult?
If you took notice, most of the items in this list are from this very store.  Since fall is here I really wanted to share my appreciation for Abercrombie. 

It always had  the very best clothing for the fall when I was young and I could always depend on it when there was something I wanted and needed to fit in, which is why I consider it my Go-To till this day.

Here are some of the great items they have with a mix of classic/trend:

The design of the clothing has always fit me in a great way, and the clothing is classic enough and trendy enough for longevity. School started in the fall and going to Abercrombie was always an exciting part of my shopping experience.

Their styles have always remained a constant in an ever changing, cheap quality, fashion trend world. I have jeans, scarves, tops, skirts, flip flops, sweaters, coats, polos etc. from my teens that have lasted me until my mid 20’s. 

The only thing keeping me from wearing these items may be the sizing. I like to put my money where it counts, and this is the reason I am a loyal customer to Abercrombie & Fitch.

I always shop here because I will always appreciate how far Abercrombie has come, and still appreciate it for the quality and style that the store offers without sacrificing too much quality and not to mention, the great sale strategy they have implemented recently!



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