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The Grand Canyon National Park Trip

South Rim

I took a short trip to Las Vegas, NV this week and since I love to experience nature so much, my plan was to get great photos with the Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert. It was noted that there was a brief stop on the way to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and I didn't mind to see one of the worlds seven wonders along with the tree that got its name from the Mormons of the 19th century. It turned out that I couldn't really get any fantastic photos in the desert with the Joshua trees, but it was surely an unexpected blessing to tour the South Rim trip of the Grand Canyon and everything it had to offer. It was one day I will never forget for the rest of my life. Forget the Joshua trees if you can take a trip to see the South Rim.

There are a couple areas of popularity for tourists visiting the Grand Canyon. If you want to know more about what is so amazing about the south rim in particular, here's a link to trip advisor that will explain all about other tourists' experience and photos of the south rim.

During the start of my trip, one thing I found to be interesting about this area was all of the different terrain leading up to the canyon. There are different species of trees that come and go as you increase in elevation. Sometimes there's areas of completely harsh desert with only few plants, areas of pine trees, dying trees due to the Chinese beetle, trees that are over 100 years old,  and places with green for cattle to graze on. I really felt deeply connected to Mother Nature when seeing all of these shifts in the land and what was able to grow.  

The Grand Canyon is also a great way to learn about the geological history of earth and the human impact. Here's an article from wikipedia that describes how the Canyon came to be and the ancient people associated with it. 

The weather in this location at this time of year (summer) was around 100 degrees, but there was a high of 20 percent humidity, which feels like nothing compared to where I'm from when there's 90 percent humidity. With a breeze and some shade these temperatures are very tolerable in the canyon, and even in direct sunlight you aren't sweating profusely. Just make sure to bring bottles of water because you don't feel yourself sweating since it evaporates off of your body so fast. 

Here are some photos of the terrain driving up to the canyon: 


I was apprehensive because I thought there was going to be nowhere to take photo without other people in the background, which was completely wrong. The trails and look out areas are a great size for exploration, photo, and privacy! It was very easy to get great shots everywhere, even in the woods and it was actually difficult to get lost. 

We used Pink Jeep Tours and our tour guide Robert was very knowledgable and accommodating. He was experienced with geology, animals, plant life, trails, things to do, picture taking, and was very considerate of our comfort and safety in the jeep. I would rate him a 5 star tour guide - if you have him you'll be lucky. 

Here are some of my photos from the South Rim:

As you can tell there's no way you can't get an amazing shot of the canyon without people. I was beyond speechless as I walked through this beautiful scenery, it was nothing like I've ever seen before and probably will ever see again. 

Walking along the canyon there are wooded areas and if you're lucky you can spot some interesting Mule Deer, or Elk. Here are some photos I captured of myself along the way. I was lucky enough to see around 6 elk grazing in the woods. 

In these photos: 
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Here are pictures of the Elk. This was my first time ever seeing an Elk so close and even in real life. I must have gotten about 3 feet away to the baby. The buck was a little scary to get close to but he was kind of curious about us! These animals are surprisingly docile and adorable too! 

Make sure to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon if you ever take a trip to Arizona or Las Vegas. It is one of the most picturesque and peaceful areas Ive ever seen in my life and Robert at The Pink Jeep Tour made such a long trip very easy and safe! I can't believe all I got a chance to see. From the History of the Native Americans, to the wildlife, to the terrain. It was an overall great memory that I will take with me forever. Make sure to check out the gift shops too! 

Thanks for viewing!! 



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