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Red Rock Canyon | Red Tobi Romper

Red Rock Canyon

Back in September I visited Las Vegas to explore. I heard that Red Rock Canyon was beautiful, so I took a quick day trip! Red Rock is 20 miles or so from the strip of Las Vegas and has a great feel of being in the Mojave desert with picturesque rock formations to see. People do climb here and some of the cliffs reach about 3,000 feet. 

Red Rock Canyon is part of the Mojave Desert, and serves as conservation area for wild life and Native American pictographs. You can also find sage bushes, Joshua trees, and the "tree of life". This is also a popular location for weddings! Here are some of my favorite photos from the day! 

Tobi Romper

I chose to wear the "Sara red off shoulder romper" from Tobi.com. This was my first time ever purchasing from Tobi and I must say their quality is extraordinary for the amount they charge! I highly recommend trying them out if you never have.  I ordered a couple of rompers to test sizing and I cannot wear the extra small, I would say my size is a small, but I also fit in medium too. 

If your measurements are anything similar to mine, you would definitely be the small. I would not be concerned with any of these items breaking down quickly or falling apart, or malfunctioning since the fabric feels quite strong. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the romper was comfortable on a trip of 4 hours and very classy but practical for a lot of movement. I chose not to wear a bra with this. I also did not wear any Hollywood tape or anything to cover my lady parts. The fabric was thick enough that it doesn't show the nips! The color is so vibrant of this romper I absolutely love it and for sure believe I could wear it during so many occasions. 

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Cocoa Locks

This was also the week I started the Cocoa Locks vitamin chocolate shake to get longer, stronger, and thicker hair! Cocoa Locks is what you need if you want your hair to grow faster and look overall more beautiful!! My hair grows very slow and isn't shiny and this product has been working wonders! 

I am so excited about this product find because I don't have to take a pill and all you do is add milk and whisk it up! It doesn't taste like vitamins, its actually delicious. I usually take this every morning with my breakfast! Head over to their website through the link above and purchase yours if you're having trouble finding hair regimens that work for you. These are vegan and they have essential hair vitamins such as Biotin, Zinc, & Selenium. The best part is that its only 26 calories per mug!!! Once I finish, I will surely be buying more!! 



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