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Why You Need to Buy Theorie Haircare

If you know me at all, you know I like to take care of my hair and don't like to neglect working on improving it. I spend a good deal of money on safe products for it and maintaining the overall health of my hair. Therefore, I try innovative haircare products on a daily basis. I must have spent hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) over the past few years trying to figure out which products work best for my colored hair--from masks, to shampoos, various conditioners, all natural, curly lines, anti frizz lines etc struggling to find gentle products that WORK, but remain cost effective.

I have fine, bleached, blonde, and frizzy/wavy hair. I have tried just about all of the salon grade haircare brands at Ulta Beauty because their rewards program is amazing and they have sales on haircare year round. Recently, I've been super into "all natural" products and I have been dying to try a detoxifying collection!

Why a detox collection you ask? Many products that aren't more natural tend to include SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), artificial dyes, and fragrances which can strip the hair making it feel dry and fade the color! Also, my water is harsh and this means that there is a higher concentration of minerals present, so this can cause the color treated hair to fade and feel less pliable during the blowout.

My water is actually so hard that it turns my shower orange, so imagine how fast that can fade my blonde hair or make it feel stiff! After writing this, I am strongly considering buying a water filter for my shower to protect my locks, but I figured I would use the information I have gathered to stare my delightful and somewhat new relationship with detox.

Over the past couple of years I have tried Ogx, Not Your Mothers, Dry Bar, Living Proof, Redken, Kenra, Biolage Raw, Wella, AG, Pravana, Big Sexy Hair,  Joico, Phyto etc. The list is lengthy on products I just really haven't fallen in love with, especially with mild fragrance, lightweight formula, and detox.

Then viola! I stumbled across Theorie. This line had a few professional styling tools at Ulta , so I was curious to see if they sold other products and sure enough they do. A detox line is difficult to find at least in my research across haircare, but Theorie has three AMAZING detox products in their selection which include a Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask. With these products they immediately give your hair a different feel, almost as fast as using different water.

Theorie is a brand that is ingredient conscious and also quality conscious. They have tons of variety in their selections (something for EVERY hair type including curly hair) , and their pricing is super reasonable which is why I needed to share this brand with my readers.

hair mask
 Photo Credit: Stefan

In the photo above, I am holding the Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Hair Mask in my hand to show that it is being worn in my hair.
I have a series of photos I am using for this post and all of them show how the mask appears on the hair semi wet. Since this mask is charcoal based, it is dark gray and a little scary to put on at first, but I applied a very generous amount of the product into my hair and the dark gray color still isn't very visible.

Photo Credit: Stefan

I didn't wet my hair entirely because I wanted to show the slight contrast between the color of the mask and my blonde hair and I also wanted to see if I could also use the mask on dry hair to test whether it would potentially change the color of my hair.

Photo Credit: Stefan

I left the mask on for around 45 minutes through the picture taking, and after the rinse there was no sign of a black or gray color change, so don't be weary! It was surprisingly fun to rinse this mask out because it looks black in the water. This mask makes my hair feel detangled, nourished/soft, and I even felt like my hair was brighter after a couple of uses. The sage aroma of this mask adds a relaxing yet professional element to the experience and since I am more sensitive to fragrance it is a big deal that the smell is tolerable. The packaging of this mask is also very beautiful, and the price tag is so reasonable at $21.00! The best part of this product line is that it is Sulfate-free, is for all hair types, and has Keratin protein that helps strengthen the hair.

Photo Credit: Stefan
Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo $19.00

There is also a Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo which I have used over 2 weeks. This shampoo is also black, and works to detoxify the hair to make it soft and manageable. The sage aroma again smells really great and isn't overpowering, and the shampoo didn't make my hair feel too soft or too hard, too heavy or greasy. It is perfect for a daily shampoo just to give a good detox/ cleanse! The packaging is very convenient because even the 13oz has a pump. I like the pump because it is easy to control how much is coming out of the bottle and eliminates overuse of the product. Finally, the price is great coming in at ONLY $19.00. If you are looking for a products that are great for the health of your hair with natural and botanical based ingredients you NEED to try something from Theorie.

Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Conditioner $19.00

Lastly,  there is the Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Conditioner, also part of the Detox line and this conditioner really deeply hydrates the hair.  It is only meant to be used 2-3 times per week as an exfoliator for the hair! I think this is super unique! It is very luxurious and great for someone with chronic dry hair. It leaves the hair feeling very refreshed and the color super vibrant!! This is also $19.00! I am so impressed by Theorie because every item from this Detox line does what it claims it is going to do and it is Keratin and Color Safe! If you have never tried anything from this line head to  their website and purchase something! Your hair will absolutely love you!!



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