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Shopping Confessions

Ok, theres supposedly a "blizzard" brewing on the east coast, so I was thinking about how much I dread too much snow! How it can force me to stay in doors until the "state of emergency"is lifted.  

Usually if I absolutely need something I will go out of my way to get it, I would walk somewhere for a good sledding adventure, but most times in a blizzard it isn't worth all the hassle of putting myself or others at risk of an accident on the road, besides I love my Tiguan way too much! My way of staying productive during the boredom is writing or reading something thought provoking.  

How much is too much? That's the real question I would like to address in this post. Usually there's never too much of anything we really want.  I love people, I love God, I love style. When it comes to my wardrobe, how much is too much to spend on an outfit I ask?

I believe it strongly depends on the budget and the income. For me personally, I wouldn't say that I am cheap, but I definitely don't consider myself spoiled!  Ever since I was young I absolutely loved sneakers, clothes, handbags etc. and even now I can be impulsive and have the occasional slip up, but honestly who doesn't? 

Now that I have saved and spend my own money I have been a lot more conscious about the way I shop.  I would like to discuss where I spend more and how much I spend. I feel the most justified to spend more when I find a really high quality, versatile piece that fits me well. 

This sounds a little cliche, but it has always been a challenge for me to find items that fit my body shape, so when something is tailored correctly I must strike while the iron is hot because I don't usually bother with alterations. 

Around 40% of people have a straight body type, but mine is a little less common, which is the pear, womp womp. I used to be very thin, but now that Im approaching my mid 20's, I notice I also have to be conscious of what I eat! 

If you need help with knowing which items appeal to your body type, you can go here to the body type calculator, where you can match your actual measurements to your body type! Then this site will reveal which tops, bottoms, and swimwear are more appealing on you. Thank you shop your shape, this is super helpful!

The inexpensive items in my wardrobe are usually tank tops, sweaters, handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry. If I see something extra special I will spend within a reasonable price range to buy it, but some items in this list are just over priced and senseless!  Also, I try to find unique pieces at the thrift store if I want it to complete a particular look, but I know I won't wear it often.

The more expensive items in my wardrobe range from $40-300 and must be very versatile.  This could be a jacket, blazer, cardigan, dress, coat, blouse, jeans or pair of shoes. Again, Ill have the occasional slip up, but I usually rotate the expensive items in and out of less expensive items. Most of the time I am focused on finding unique items that will last me a while and that can be used over and over. So how much is too much in my opinion? 

This can depend on your shopping approach. I really feel that you can quickly & easily find a quality outfit for less than $350.00 time and time again with all of the online vendors.  If you are into high price designers and aren't as concerned with trend or feeling in style you can always credit items and complete your looks over a longer period of time. No shade, but I strongly believe that any outfit above this price was either an absolute must have,  a slip up, or a little senseless if you're on a budget. 

How much is too much to spend on an outfit in your opinion and how much do you tend to spend on your every day looks? Do you think Im spending too much? Leave your suggestions below!



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