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How to Stay Warm With The Right Accessories

Some seasons I hate living on the East Coast, especially in winter. I learned a long time ago that winter is the longest here and the cold/wind can go right to the bone. It is so important to have some go-to items in your closet that you can rely on that will match with your look, are good quality yet reasonably priced, complement your figure, and truly keep you warm. 

It sounds impossible to find, but it’s totally possible to stay looking stylish and remain warm in case you’re dating or going to a business meeting while it’s below zero. There is a way to relieve your mouth from chattering, so you can actually talk when walking down the street.  

I have found some really good quality items over the past year that I recommend and have really saved me in situations where the cold was unbearable along with wind and rain and snow etc. In my opinion, a good coat is the most important for staying warm in the winter months, but they can be super inconvenient as far as style is concerned. 

I found myself sacrificing being warm in order to stay looking cute and there came a time a leather blazer and scarf just were not cutting it. Two items I can say I will put money on when it comes to winter attire and keeping warm are these winter coats. I feel that a WARM coat is essential to sharing quality time with others although the weather does not permit. Honestly, they can get quite expensive but there are ways around this.

Item #1: The Midlength Michael Kors Quilted Hooded Down Coat

Personal Item Rating: 9.5/10
Cons: Can feel a little bulky around the hood area if you have long hair.
Pros: Great pocket room, great hood, great sleeves (not too long), very warm, perfect length, perfect design for petites or average build, great quality for price, stylish.

This looks like an outfit of its own! It’s the Michael Kors black quilted hooded down coat! Im about 5’6. It’s the perfect length for my height and its super warm when the temp drops below zero. It’s also great in rain, its classy, and it does not make you sweat to death!  I found mine at the local thrift store for $15.00 still with tags on it, but the retail price is $265.00 according to BlueFly.com. You may also be able to find this item on Ebay.com, or apps such as Poshmark, Vinted, or Mercari.

Item #2: The Abercrombie & Fitch All Season Winter Warrior

Personal Item Rating: 8.5/10
Cons: Can make me sweat while wearing indoors, large hood
Pros: SUPER warm, great pockets (fleece inside), iphone pocket inside for sports, draw string waist, great design, not bulky

This coat I love can be dressed both up and down. It’s absolutely perfect for rain, snow, wind, and even snow sports! It’s super stylish for multiple seasons, SUPER(quality) warm, and its feminine such that it accentuates the waist!  They may have this jacket in black in the store, but as far as online they only have white and gray. Another great thing about it is the price. It retails at $140.00 and on sale over the holidays I snagged this for $70.00!  If you like the black one, you can still find it at this third party seller fashionfest.com!
Overall, these two jackets are essential for your health and will keep us from getting sick during the winter months. They are the perfect comfort and 100% practical. Here are some other items I also recommend for staying warm and stylish!

  1. A pair of footless tights!

Footless tights are AMAZING! They’re slimming, thin, comfortable, and WARM. They are lined with fleece and are super great texture. You can wear them as pants with an oversized sweater or cardigan, or just lounging over your honey’s house. They look dressy and nice, but can keep you amazingly warm with whatever you choose to wear with them! Grab a pair from a Kohl’s or department store. They are usually reasonable and will be totally worth it and a great alternative to jeans and those generic yoga pants.

  1. A great pair of Boots!

I would recommend getting some high riding boots or booties for the winter. They’re easy to style, keep you warm and look great.

  1. A basic Infinity Scarf
  2. Tech Sensitive Gloves!



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