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SaboSkirt 'Orchard Maxi Dress' OOTD

The summer is great for having a party! Why not a party with a splash of water? Do you ever have trouble choosing what to wear for those mid- day poolside events? Sometimes I find myself in a hunch because you want to look like you actually tried, but still feel comfortable enough to let loose!

I wanted to take a trip to this pretty quarry lake which is one of many that are located in New Jersey! These quarries are places where dimension stone, rock, sand, gravel and slate were excavated from deep into the ground. Some have turned into what appear to look like normal lakes later in the day, but in the afternoon when the sun is bright, they look like Turks and Caicos water in the middle of the woods! These particular lakes are owned by the state and are known to be 50ft or more in depth, which gives them their crazy blue color. Don't let their beauty deceive you, they are not safe to swim in! Regardless, I find them so different and unique, so I really wanted to show the world what they look like because they make for great pictures and are much prettier than your average pool!

I decided to do an OOTD in one of my favorite maxi dresses/cover ups from Sabo Skirt, an aussie brand that I absolutely LOVE. If you haven't tried their items I would suggest taking a quick look at their site! They have great quality pieces that are unique and super trendy for young women. This dress that I have in this post has been one of their popular items and sold out multiple times since I purchased it.

The great thing about this look is that you can wear it from day to night, its airy and its so comfortable! The material is soft and it literally feels like a blanket is covering your body! Sometimes it does flow around a bit in the wind, so I would definitely wear a bathing suit under it. If you do not wear a bathing suit you risk giving everyone a sneak peak at your lady parts - which just isn't ideal!
To solve that problem I just wear bathing suit bottoms at all times while wearing this gem! I have gotten so many compliments on this piece and it is truly a staple at any outdoor event you would attend!

On the contrary, looking amazing does not always require the best dress, in fact, accessories can make your outfit stand out from the moment you throw that cover up on the chair! Unless you're living under a rock, then you've probably heard of Rocksbox and their amazing jewelry rental website!

I am a Rocksbox It Girl, and I received my box this week! The pieces are absolutely beautiful! They're items you would find in a high end boutique or department store and have been worn by celebs like Rihanna, so you know their quality is superb! You get three items with every box and I am definitely considering purchasing all of these items from mine! They fit my style so well and they're super versatile! I was so surprised that this set of jewelry matched so well with this dress that I wanted to use for this style post. Check them out!

The best part of being a member of Rocksbox is that you get $10.00 each month in your account in case you would like to purchase the items they send to you! Another great thing about this subscription is that they send you items based around your personal style. You get to browse through their products and add them to your own wishlist, so the stylist will send you items based on what you choose!

Being a Rocksbox "It Girl" means I can get you your first month for FREE! All you have to do is use my code "lalovixoxo" and the designer jewelry is on its way to you free of charge for a full 30 days!

Here is an outfit I recommend if you want to look gorgeous at your next Summer Pool Party or Quarry Lake adventure! Thanks for reading!!

Sabo Skirt Orchard Maxi: $62.00
Kendra Scott  Elle Silver Earrings: $55.00
A.V. Max Y Short Necklace: $53.00
Nakamol Blue Mixed and Silver Wrap Bracelet: $58.00

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